About United Bonded

Finest quality fabrics and craft products

softwaddingAt United Bonded Fabrics, we are dedicated to producing the finest quality craft products possible. Over our long history we have supplied the Australian market with beautiful fibre filled products and wadding, and now we are bringing our highest standard products to you. Our skilled craftsmen and women are as passionate about craft as you are. From the beauty of an exquisitely needled quilt to the cushiony softness of cot bumper or a beloved toy, we make any project just that little extra special.

Tontine® Craft Wadding for Quilts is the same as “batting”. Wadding is the term used in Australia, NZ and the UK for quilt fillings, and is the same as ‘batting’, which is the American term for the same product. Tontine Wadding handles better; all our products are Australian made with the best quality materials to give the softest hand feel, which is so important to your finished article.

Our wadding drapes exquisitely. We don’t use chemicals or glue, nor embedded scrim to hold the fibres together. All our products are 100% fibre; combed and gently combed in position using state of the art technology to create the softest drape and fall, but with all the strength you’ll need for quilting and daily use, wash and wear. Loftier, bulkier, better. Tontine® wadding and fibre fill products offer the most generous loft, with a lasting resilience, even after multiple washes.

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